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We offer the following high quality treatment combinations at special prices. Choose your favourite or design your own combination.

My Good Karma

Begin by one hour scalp and hair treatment then followed by choose of spa manicure or pedicure.

Approx 2 hours IDR 300K


The perfect all-natural treatment for sunburnt or dry skin. Please choose one of our natural body scrub and aroma therapy oils for your relaxation. This is very good to exfoliate dead skin and smooth dry skin. Available in Green tea, Chocolate, Coconut or Balinese scrub.
Foot bath, Aromatherapy or Balinese body massage and body scrub.

Approx 2 hours IDR 410K

The Royal Dream

Refresh your mind, body and soul after a long day's travel.
Foot bath, Aromatherapy or Balinese body massage, Facial, Scalp and Hair treatment.

Approx 2,5 hours IDR 450K

Aromatic Flower Bath

This treatment designed to balance the body and increase the skin health as well as reduce stress.
Foot bath, Aromatherapy or Balinese body massage Body scrub, bathing with floating flowers.

Approx 2,5 hours IDR 460K

Andre Spa Favourites

Indulge yourself from head to toe! Calm and rebalance.
Foot bath, Aromatherapy or Balinese body massage, Body scrub and Facial.

Approx 3 hours IDR 510K

Honeymoon Packages

If you're not on your honeymoon, you will feel like you are by the time you leave !
Foot bath, Aromatherapy or Balinese body massage, Facial, Manicure and Pedicure.

Approx 3,5 hours IDR 600K per person

Sunburn Treatment

This treatment will start with an hour of Balinese or Aroma Therapy Massage with * Virgin Coconut Oil* (VCO) and then continuing with wrapping of the freshly blended Aloe Vera and Cucumber from the garden. This treatment will benefit your body, soul, and mind at the same time. Enjoy the cooling, relaxing, and balancing sensation. This treatment is finished off with head and face massages.

Approx 2 hours IDR 410K

Indian Bliss

This treatment combining the deep relaxation from Ayurweda treatment and continue with scalp and hair treatment to complete your holiday in the paradise. It is used to treat a wide range of the condition a long with the eye problems, stress, insomnia, memory loss and greying hair.

Approx 2,5 hours IDR 450K

Therapeutic Herb & Spices Bath (DETOX)
(not recommended for high blood pressure people and pregnant women)

Beginning with one hour Balinese massage used virgin coconut oils infused with herbs followed by a Balinese Boreh body mask which helps in regulating blood circulation, detoxifying, reducing muscle aches and rheumatism. It also makes the skin more elastic and assists the body recovered from fever and flu. Feel the warm and tingly sensation after application. Finally, you immerse yourself in a herbal bath made from native Balinese herbs and spices that help cleanse and refresh the body. Foot bath, Balinese body massage, Spice body mask & wrap, Native Balinese herb bath.

Approx 2 hours IDR 425K

Prices are in thousand rupiah, subject of 10% government tax & 5% service charge. Credit card payments are accepted with 3% surcharge for the bank fee.

Special Treatment

Besides individual spa treatments, you can also choose from Andre Bali Spa special Treatment

We Offer...

Complimentary transportation in central of Candidasa and Manggis for a minimum of one hour treatment. There will be additional charge for outside area. Beautiful view of nature, clean environment, complimentary selection of of herbal drinks.


Prices in thousand rupiah, accepted credit card with bank fee 3%. We advice to make your online reservation at least one day in advance. For direct booking please contact 6281805671467 or WA 6281805668242 We look forward to meeting you.

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